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Unprecedented efficiency for managing compliance

eComply Basic Features, applicable to all customers before customization

  • Task List. View and manage your company’s pending tasks. Create new tasks for yourself or your employees
  • Training. Administer employee training easily. Employees can watch pre-recorded videos and sign digital training logs.
  • Inspections. Manage any and all inspections needed to keep your company in compliance. Assign future inspections to yourself or your employees.
  • Documents. Maintain all your necessary documents and upload new ones as needed. Including permits, annual reports, stormwater plans, etc.
  • Alerts. Offers you alerts regarding any missed or overdue compliance requirements such as employee training or routine inspections.
  • User Profiles. View all of your company’s existing users, across locations. Authorize new users, and edit or delete existing users as needed.
  • Reports. Access overall reports of employee training your company has completed or needs to complete, for one or multiple locations.
  • Compliance Calendar. View your deadlines for completing employee training on a calendar.
  • Help Desk Support. Reach out to a member of the eComply® team for an online chat regarding any technical issues or questions you may encounter on the portal.
  • Incident Reporting. Report any accidents, spills, or permit violations.
  • Corporate Specific. (Templates/SOP’s/Licenses & Permits)

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